Moving to The Bronx

I moved back to the Bronx after seventeen years in Florida. As in with all endeavors, I immersed myself fully into the task at hand.

During my first weekend in the Bronx, I overheard via radio chatter of street festival going on not three miles from my apartment. I made my way east to Third Avenue and got my first taste of Bronx culture. A Stage had been assembled on one end of the festival with Salsa Music blasting out loud enough to drown out my thoughts. An elderly couple who had a century and a half between the both of them danced alongside a suave couple with moves straight from a Tito Nieves music video. I, of course, spent the majority of my time shuffling from tent to tent satisfied with free ice cream samples.


I was born in the Bronx. I lived an earshot away during my early childhood. Throughout my seventeen years in Florida, I visited New York twice.

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