Filming with Pam Hoelzle and Dear Rockstar

I’d just returned from a two week trip in New York. It was my first time visiting the city in seven years. A couple hours of shut-eye, and I was on the road, coasting through Florida State Road 50. Before and even during the trip, I promised myself I would create notecards on what I would talk about on camera. I never did. Pam sensed hesitation and quickly dispelled it. “This is just a regular conversation,” she said.
Pam Hoelzle was a mentor of mine during my time at the University of Central Florida. She led the Blackstone Launchpad group- a center for social entrepreneurship. After building the program from the foundations, she resigned and moved on to a new venture. Dear Rockstar is a project she’d been working on for years, and it culminated into another success. Interviewing John Rivers of 4Rivers, Ben Hoyer of Downtown CREDO Coffee, and Jessie Wolfe of Oh Dang Hummus, Pam has been and continues to be a powerful force in Central Florida.
I was grateful Pam took the time to interview me and shared my story as best I could, hoping to impart some small grain of advice to anyone watching. Of course, just being on her set taught me so much more. You can find the link to my interview here. I recommend watching her interview with John Rivers.


Images courtesy of Dear Rockstar


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