About Me

Hi! My name is Jonathan. I'm an artist and entrepreneur, with a fondness for all types of creative endeavors. My skills and passion converge in the arts, publishing, branding, and social media and content marketing. Some of my projects include Artborne Magazine, AirBorne Desire, and The City Chalkboard. I'm currently developing a new project called Bronx Borne, but more on that later!

Born and currently residing in the Bronx, I spent the past seventeen years living throughout Florida. I've studied at Memphis College of Art and the University of Central Florida, majoring in Fine Art and minoring in Marketing.

I'm currently working as a freelance brand and content developer, and some current projects include a  collection of short stories, a video series, and a new body of paintings. Follow me on my continued journey down familiar roads and new paths alike.

I (Don't) Eat Crayons!

Jonathan B. Yubi Gomez


Writing the First Draft of the First Chapter.

Everyone, and perhaps their mother too, is painfully aware of the associations New York City emits when living quarters are mentioned. A Rorschach test administered with an image of a New York Apartment could induct immediate claustrophobia in even the most seasoned veteran urban living. Here I found myself living on the Grand Concourse and …


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